A free printable book about Prophet Muhammad PBAH migration to Medina, enjoy reading the story and doing the activities

Bism Allah Alrahman Alraheem

Prophet Muhammad PBAH migration to Medina is a great incident full of lessons and wisdom ,we must teach these lessons to our children and convey to them the meanings of The Migration , there for we offer you this booklet.

The book includes:

The story of Prophet Muhammad PBAH migration.

The building of the Prophet’s Mosque ( al Masjid al Nabawi).

The Brotherhood.

The map of migration.

many fun activities.

Below are some photos from the book:



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To download the book click on the picture of downloading the file and wait for the downloading to start please:


 Prophet Muhammad PBAH migration

The book was translated to English by :(Bayan Tohmaz) jazak allah khairan.

If you wanted to help us translating other materials please feel free to contact us

We hope your child enjoy it, and please feel free to share it :)

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