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Privacy Policy

Who are we

Riyad Al Jannah Blog is a voluntary, non-profit initiative that creates and designs fun educational publications for children in various fields.

What data we hold about you why


When visitors to the site add any comment, we take the data they enter into the comment form, in addition to IP address and the type of browser used, in order to prevent annoying fake comments.

Sometimes we send an encrypted copy of your email to an external service called Gravatar to check if you are using that service. You can review the privacy terms of that service here. This process enables us to display your profile picture that you use on Gravatar if you are a user there and have added your photo to it.

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When you leave a comment on the site, you will find an option that allows us to save your name and email in cookies to make it easier for you to comment later, so you do not have to re-enter this data again. This data is kept for one year.

If you access the login page, we will place temporary cookies on your browser to ensure that your browser supports saving cookies. These cookies do not contain any personal information and will be automatically erased once you close your browser.

When you log in to the site we will record a number of cookies to save your login details. This data remains stored for two days. If you select the “Remember me” option, the data will remain for two weeks and will be erased at any time once you log out of the site.

We also use cookies to record the products you have placed in your shopping cart.

Content displayed from other sites

Some articles on Riadaljanna website may include content displayed from other sites (YouTube, for example). This content behaves the same as it does on the other site, meaning it retains the same data as if you had viewed it within the same source.

These other sites may retain some of your data, may record temporary cookies, and may record your interaction with their content if you have an account with them and are logged in.


On Riadaljanna website, we rely on Google Analytics to monitor site statistics. This service may hold private data about you. Review the terms of the privacy policy for this service here.


On Riadaljanna website, we use the Google Adsense advertising service. Likewise, this service depends on your previous visits to other sites to display the appropriate advertisement to you. You control the data you share with this service through your Google Account.

Data we share with other parties

We use the data that we collect from you for statistical purposes or for the purpose of developing the service, and we do not share it with any other party.

How long we keep your data

When you register a comment on the site, we keep this comment and its data forever. This enables us to allow you to comment later without reviewing your comment as long as we have approved a previous comment of yours. (This policy may change later without prior notice)

Also, when you purchase a product from the store, we keep your data that you entered on the site, the shipping address, and the products that you purchased. This enables us to determine the most requested products and helps us to always provide the best. This data is always logged and we rarely delete it.

The rights you have over your data with us

If you are a registered user of the site or have previously commented with us, you can request a copy of the personal data we hold about you, including data you have submitted to us. You can also ask us at any time to erase your personal data, with the exception of data that we are obliged to retain for administrative, legal or security reasons.

Where your data is being sent

Visitor comments may be processed by services to check fake comments, and we may use your email address – if you enter it yourself – for mailing services that you may use now or in the future.

This policy may be modified at any time without prior notice. Do not hesitate to contact us if you face any questions.