A fun activity to design a small booklet about prophet Muhammed pbuh, made by the child himself. It can be applied in mawlid al nabie month or at any other time

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Mawlid al nabi activity:

Today, on the cusp of the month of Rabi’ al-Awwal, the month of mawlid al nabi (pbuh), we present to you a special activity that can be applied with your children at home, or islamic school…

The activity is designed for the purpose of teaching kids how important is to love prophet Muhammed pbuh, as well as guiding the child to the practical and applied love that is good following, remembrance and supplication…

Mawlid al nabi printables are available in Arabic too, check out: نشاط المولد النبوي للأطفال

In the mawlid al nabi file attached to the end of the topic,

you will find a cover for the activity with two designs… colored and non-colored to suit the purposes of printing according to your needs..

The shape of the cover is cut out after it is printed and pasted on cardboard… Then the short pages are cut and pasted into the booklet by the child… and he can finally make a hand for the booklet, decorate it or color it if he likes…

our website is not responsible for the content of these ads, please contact as for any Inappropriate ad

our website is not responsible for the content of these ads, please contact as for any Inappropriate ad

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